Mountaineering & Climbing in Zermatt

The Zermatt mountain giants

are the highest and most impressive peaks of the Alps. The most famous: the Matterhorn. Climb the heights with crampons, rope and ice axe. Crossing the glacier fields and the eternal snow of the high alpine mountain world, that is incomparable. And is one of the most beautiful things an alpinist can do in his life.

The world of 38 four-thousand-meter peaksĀ 

Zermatt - Matterhorn is characterized by the variety and diversity of alpinistic possibilities. From the easiest 4'000 m peak of the alpine region to the difficult high altitude tour: Here life dreams come true. Be it on the Matterhorn or on one of the other 37 four-thousanders that surround it. Thanks to the modern infrastructure, some destinations can be reached as a day tour - but you still have to get up early. Particularly attractive are the tours where you spend the night in one of the many mountain huts.